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Nutrition And Training Adaptation
by posted 03/13/2021

Hi Boys,

As we are about to embark on our new season there are a few things that i would like to point out here regarding nutrition as it relates to training adaption.

As athletes, one important concept that you should understand is that training alone does not inherently cause improvements to your physical capabilities or performance on the field, the balance between a good nutritional system and a good training system does.

As you are aware, training sessions are physically detrimental when considering the amount of mechanal stress they place on the body. This stress creates the potential for our physiological systems (Cardiovascular, Nervous and Musculoskeletal) to undergo specific adaptations to increase your bodies physical capabilities. The achievement of the intended result (improved speed, strenght etc.) of training is only possible through the combination of a good nutritional and training system.

To understand this phenomenon, let's take a look at gene activity when stress is place on our muscles. Stress produce various signals that alters the expressions and activity of your genes. As you know genes are fully responsible for the amount and activity of every single protein and cells that are made in your body. When you train you are communicating with your genes and demanding a certain response. For example, when you engage in resistance training to try to increase muscle mass, you are interacting with your genes to stimulate the production of multiple proteins which constitute muscle fibers. Furthermore, the type of trainingyou engage in influences the type of muscle fibers that can be formed (Type 1 = endurance fibers, Type 2 = explosive fibers) because the proteins that the genes produce will vary based off the different training systems.

In a simple sense, training is the lock and nutrition is the key. For training adaptations to occur and for your genes to produce the proteins which are required to improve, you need the signal and you need the fuel. The fuel of course, comes from the food you eat.

Please understand, enough calories and proteins are essential for training adaptation to occur. If you are uner-eating you are not providing your genes with the substrates needed to produce the proteins that your training has signalled to be made. This will ultimately cause your physical framework to remain stagnant and you will not improve. On the other hand, suffficient calories will have the reverse effect and will ensure training signals are taken advantage of.

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