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At Revolution United FC we are passionate about the development of successful soccer players.

Our expert coaches guide and support our players during the different phases of development from nourishing the love for the game, to evolving their individual technical skill set and knowledge.  Our coaches also help them to develop other life skills we believe essential to success like discipline, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, self-esteem and friendship.



We strive not only to have the most competitive teams for each age category, but also the most respected and organized teams. After our players have graduated from the developmental stage, our main focus still remains on the individual player’s skill set and their role on the team, but gradually more focus is placed on competition and strategy.



We strive for excellence and our goal is to provide the best resources and guidance to allow players to excel in the proper environment in order to reach their highest potential both on a personal level and on a team level.


By developing individual players, their skills, their knowledge and passion for the game, and their significant role as a team player, we form strong competitive and successful teams and individuals.

Our goal is for these lessons to be used on and off the field so that they can apply them throughout their lives.

As players join the Revolution United FC program and work to achieve their goals and dreams, our RUFC team will be side by side with both players and families as they move through the different stages of this challenging and beautiful sport. Our family grows as you join Revolution United FC and become part of our Club.

Revolution’s internal network continues to grow as we partner up with other prestigious organizations to give our players and their families the best soccer experience. We want our people to feel proud to be part of one of the greatest premier soccer organizations.


Our Philosophy

During the beginning stages of our program, we focus on the development of the individual and the individual skill necessary to be a successful player and teammate.  At this stage it is not just about winning or losing.  Success is measured in the improvement of the player’s individual technical ability and increased knowledge.

During practices we train on fundamental skills and then we encourage our players to continue to practice on their own.  In order to be great at any skill it requires practice.

As the players continue to develop, player’s positions and their role on the team becomes more emphasized. Progressively higher skills, speed, formations and strategy are introduced to ultimately yield successful competitive teams and team players.